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Are you looking for more options in your life?

Thirteen years ago, I joined a Network Marketing Company so I could get the products

I wanted at the deepest discount. I never had any intention of actually working the business. But shortly after I joined, I had a change of heart and that decision

changed my life and led me to my purpose.

The very first book I ever read on the subject of Network Marketing

was Beach Money by Jordan Adler. Imagine my surprise in the fall of 2019 when I was contacted,

by a stranger on social media, asking if I was interested in contributing a chapter to a new book in collaboration with Jordan Adler.

What? The whole idea scared the crap out of me.

So of course I said yes! And now, I'm a published author!

Life is short. Live everyday. Your life is about the journey, there is no destination.

Change happens when you're uncomfortable. Stop waiting for the perfect time.

There is no perfect time, there is just today.

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Five reasons you need this book.

1. You're frustrated and lack motivation.

2. You are new to Network Marketing.

3. You need growth ideas.

4. You're considering Network Marketing.

5. You are a Network Marketer who is ready to SOAR!

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