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Where are all my Moms at?

I know if you're a mom, you're all things to all people.  Maybe you've lost yourself somewhere along the way.  I've walked in your shoes!
I’m a mom of 3 amazing, free ranging adults, ages 27, 25 and 23. I’m enjoying my life as an empty nester with my hubby of 34 years.

We lived in Cali for many years, but just moved to Hawaii.
I’m into selfcare, I eat right and I exercise daily. 🏋🏻‍♀️

I love to read, hike, cook and learn new things.

I also love to travel. ✈️

I’m passionate about helping people realize their time on this earth is limited.

The reason for that is simple.⬇️

Two weeks before I turned 40, my mom died suddenly.

I had a hard time learning to live with that.

It became very apparent to me that life is really short.

My husband and I started making choices we never would’ve made

if I hadn’t lost my mom.

He left an unsatisfying career and we moved back to my childhood home.

We spent a lot of time together with our 3 kids.

We looked at life through a different lens then and continue

to do so almost 17 years later.

I help people realize that time is their most precious asset and I have a solution, through my business, to give them more options in their lives.

So… That’s me in a nutshell.
What about you?

Use a Sugar

or Salt-Based Scrub

If you're looking for more, I'm looking for you.  More choices, time, friendship, I'd love to connect.  You provide the WHY, I'll help you with the how.